Arena Grand Prix Charlotte


ARENA grand prix - Charlotte



                                   GOLD and SECOND fastest time in the world ������������
                               So happy with my 1500 free tonight at Arena Pro Swim in Charlotte !!



 I guess my suit wasn´t as ready as I was to swim that 400 free tonight. Or maybe I pulled it a little to violently




                                  I´m so ready for tonight at Arena Pro Swim Meet in Charlotte 800 free !!

                                   2 great races so far, 1500 free on Thursday, 400 free yesterday 

      1500 free my fastest race since Worlds in Barcelona, and the second fastest time in the World this year
      400 free one of my, not tapered, fastest times ever.
      And in a BROKEN suit - that never ever happens to me, but last night I was to clumsy/violently

      But thanks to @ArenaPeople I have a new suit from my favourite brand for my swim tonight




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